• Mark Ross

    Mark Ross

    Web developer based in Sheffield. I'm currently working at Inviqa

  • Dimitris


    Support Staff @ WPMU DEV

  • Shan Lian

    Shan Lian

    I ship stuff at Shippo.

  • Sideshow


    Writer & caster currently doing Overwatch at GosuGamers, over.gg and @InsightCasts. TF2 expert & caster @teamfortresstv. Business inq: joshjwilkinson@gmail.com

  • Sathyala Babavali

    Sathyala Babavali

  • Jacky Chan

    Jacky Chan

    CTO & Co-Founder @HelloVotee. Technopreneur + Infornographer. Cofounded @StartLabHK. @SWHongKong @SaladCool volunteer.

  • Nisha Vaghela

    Nisha Vaghela

    Learn and Adopt new things!! Love Explore knowledge…. Blogger | Thinker #Technical #RoR #Angular #Node #React

  • Mario Casciaro

    Mario Casciaro

    Maker • Author of https://nodejsdesignpatterns.com

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