Cookie banners and privacy notices are thrust in our faces every time we visit a website, often before we know if a particular page contains the information we’re looking for. Most of us are putting up with this crappy experience and accepting it as the new normal.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The purpose of GDPR

In recent years, the value of personal data has increased to a point where it’s seen as one of the most valuable commodities in our data-driven economy. …

About a year ago, millions of people’s working arrangements were thrown upside down. Instructed to stay at home if we could, employers and employees have had to adapt to a remote working environment in extreme circumstances. We had already been making arrangements to go remote-first for a few months in the run-up to the pandemic, whilst it has not been easy, fortunately, we were more prepared than most.

Our day-to-day work involves bringing people together to ideate, build consensus through visualisations, plan, design, and develop web and mobile apps. Working remotely has posed challenges to how we work, but also…

2021. A year that continues to beat us with 2020’s stick whilst simultaneously dangling a carrot — a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a vaccine. Whatever happens this year, and the jury’s still out, we know the Covid-19 pandemic will continue to challenge the ways in which we live our lives for the foreseeable future.

Welcome to the new normal

A challenge

Notwithstanding the hardship caused by the pandemic, the burden of which has fallen on the least privileged, for all of us this last year has been a huge shock: our way of…

In the last decade we’ve witnessed the launch of technologies that have fundamentally changed our lives. You might think such times have led the digital agency to the land of plenty. But ironically, many have been left in the wake of a new wave of innovative digital businesses more adept at exploiting such rapid change.

Enter stage left, We Make Waves

We’ve always believed in offering something unique, something more genuine and outspoken than the standard fayre.

It’s not all doom and gloom. There’s a place in this Brave New World for businesses that embrace change. We’ve always believed in offering something unique, something more genuine…

Herein lies some home truths that are particular to our industry. Home truths that many find difficult to fathom, and you may find challenging. They have been hard earned by us, through years of endeavour and curiosity. But to you my friends they are given willingly.

You’re welcome.

There are no economies of scale

The more quantity of something you buy the cheaper per unit you expect to pay right? This commonly held belief has led us to expect economies of scale in pretty much everything around us. By extension, the bigger the software, the cheaper each ‘unit’ is going to cost. It’s a fair assumption…

At We Make Waves, we’re continuously improving our cloud-based infrastructure and development workspaces. Most recently, we’ve migrated all of our projects from running on bare metal to Docker. Our motivation for doing so was to take advantage of:

  • Isolation: We can run multiple applications with different dependencies on the same machine. E.g. Run different versions of Node/PHP per application. Applications won’t interact with each other, also allowing us to parallelise our integration tests on the same machine.
  • Security: Applications run in their own isolated environment, and so a vulnerability in one won’t affect others. …


When designing a new website or digital product it’s important to test your solutions on end users as soon as possible, and there’s lots of prototyping tools available to enable us to do this long before any software has been written. Whilst it may seem like a lot of time to spend at this stage, finding any pain points now means that we can make quick changes to the design, rather than making costly changes to the software.

Testing user journeys

If you need to test a new user journey for a website or app, using Marvel or InVision you can create a…

When it comes to digital product development, there’s always one common theme: there will be more things to do than resources available to do them. This is true whether the product has already been created and we want to work out what to do next or whether the product is still at the initial discovery phase where we need to figure out an overall plan for how to deliver the product.

For the former ‘what should we build next?’ question, we’re focussing on the near term strategy, ideally aiming to deliver the next most valuable idea. For the latter product-wide…

Our main project at UVD, Limpid Markets, is an AngularJS app written in TypeScript. As anyone who’s worked with AngularJS knows, there are a huge number of pitfalls to avoid, one of which is a lack of type safety (or any other sort of safety for that matter) in templates. If you make a small typo, Angular will often just fail silently when it tries to render the template, without even warning you. Even if you have very good test coverage, bugs can often slip through into production.

After encountering a number of small errors with our templates in Limpid…

We recently released our latest open source library, ngx-graphs. It’s a collection of Angular graphing components, designed to be highly composable. It’s very much still in the alpha stage, and only supports 2 different types of graphs at the moment. In this blog post, I’ll discuss why we felt the need to create (yet another) graphing/charting library for Angular, and the overall aims of ngx-graphs.

Why another graphing library?

We were recently working on an Angular project that needed to display a visualisation of a value over time, and we decided to use a step area chart for this. When I started writing the…

We Make Waves

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